Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Place, New Resolutions

This post is going to maybe bore some of you but there is very important info at the end so use what energy you might have left in your scroll  finger and scroll down to the bottom of the post

This blog has been dead for a long while.

But I haven't. I've been very much alive (most of the time). I've been doing a lot of stuff. And things. And the like. I've made a ton of new friends, I've studied hard, I've thought long and hard about the social meaning of time, labor and contribution, I've changed a lot of my views, and I've been sort of a shithead a lot of the time.

Most importantly, I've gotten my own place. I've been living with the parents for all my life, but a whole lot of things have created a need for me to get my own Domus (Latin for "home", yeah I know how to google translations for words Latin). I must say that its a nice place. Small and sort of far away from the city, but very good for a first place.

I used to live in Strängnäs, the small town built for old rich Stockholm retirees I spent all my teenage years in. I could probably arrange tours through this place to show people where all my life's most terrible events have occurred. I could also probably point people to where I played my first rock show at 12, or the rehearsing space where we all left hating each other and ourselves every Friday after school at age 15, or, maybe that was just me. I could show you the big church where I should've played a lackey to the Swedish king Gustav Vasa in a play, but threw up in an IKEA the day of the premiere and had to stay at home.*

I'm now in Hölö, which is in the municipality of Södertälje. Its really nice! There is a pizzeria here and a place to buy food. The only thing I really don't like is the commuting. The day before yesterday I attempted to get home after picking up laundry at my parents house, the trip was 2 hours prolonged and I lost my laundry bag on a train, admittedly due to some mistakes on my part, but I can't say I enjoy how the whole thing was being treated. I came home feeling like a piece of shit. Oh well. This is something I'll have to get used too. 

I was at an interesting New Years dinner yesterday. Besides attempting to ground coffee beans with hammers, and wrestling an old Christmas tree under the pretext of it being too god-fucking damned bourgeois, the people, mostly people I've never met before, were very nice and intelligent. We discussed the nothingness of Death, and the culture of violence and victim blaming and various things that are hard to phrase after half a bottle of cheap, way too sweet sparkling wine and a few too many IPA's. I almost lost my shoe.

This is, of course, a time of reflection and restarting, and regardless of how silly the idea of the New Years Resolution has become, I've made a few resolutions (one of which involves you, readers). Here they are, starting with the most cliche of them all:

  1. Take care of myself. I'm forced to control my own diet now, and I want to make better food choices. I'm also gonna start working out.
  2. Stop bringing myself down. I was practically born with low self-esteem, and I always thought that it was what is expected from me. I've come to realize that, first of, low-self esteem is not a good thing (duh), and secondly, I don't have any real reason to hate myself in the ways that I have these past years. I'm not doing any of that positive thinking liberal bullshit, but I'm not going to hate myself irrationally either.
  3. Up my grades. I'm not doing the worst, but I can do way better.
  4. Write more political stuff. Read more political stuff. Do more political stuff.
  5. Learn to explain things better. Like, talking and typing and saying the thing.
  6. Hi. This is where you come into the picture. This New Years resolution is not new. I've had this resolution since about March last year. I'm going to arrange for my lovely girlfriend from Australia to come over here to Europe, first for a month-long trip through the EU by train, and after that she'll stay with me until December. You guys already know about this if you've been reading my blog/tweets/tumblrs before, but we are in need of funding external to our own incomes. We were selling her debut novella, The Letter, to make stuff go around. We stopped promoting it for a while, but now we need to start back up again. We want to sell at least 100 copies before the trip in July. For this to work, we need you guys to help us like you helped us last time, and maybe even more. If you haven't bought the book, buy it. If you have friends you think would like it, tell them. Tell your twitter, your facebook and your blog, too. You get to read and share a great novel, plus help two lovers meet. Here is the link: Please help us out. 
*Swedes are not at IKEA all the time I just happened to be at an IKEA that day gosh dangit

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