Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Funding Goal!


As most of you should be aware right now, me and my girlfriend are trying to fund a trip, to get her over from Australia to me here in Europe! I wrote a blog-post detailing the whole thing. The way we are going about this is selling our art, which thus far is Kahtia's book. We've also been taking donations, which you can message either me or Kahtia about through your preferred social medium, if you want to. We reached our funding goal for September, and we're grateful to all the people that helped out!

We're still far from were we need to be to completely cover the trip and related expenses, so we will still have to keep linking the book on twitter and other places. We've set up some goals for the coming months (depending on how much we sell in a month, of course), so we'll be able to stay on track.

The funding goal for this month is 20 copies of Kahtia's book, which is about $130 AUD, $132 USD, 102€ £82 GBP and 880SEK.


Here are some reasons, besides the gripping and tear-inducing story of transcontinental lovers, of course, to buy the book:

  1. The author is hella cool. I know I'm biased, but she really is. Nevermind the fact that she wrote a book, she is also a feminist, student of formal logic, ukulele player and film-maker. Wouldn't you buy a book from such a person? I bet you would.
  2. The book is very good. Written in the style of absurdism, it is a hilarious, thoughtful book written in an original style, were the dialogue and the characters are more of a driving force than the plot, setting and cheap Hollywood suspense-tricks. 
  3. You support independent art. When the revolution comes, there will be no Lady Gaga's, Stephanie Meyers and Zac Efrons. 
  4. Reading makes you smart. At least reading smart things. This is a smart thing. Read it. 
If you've already bought the book, or donated money, or you're completely broke, you can help by spreading the word, through twitter (make sure to @ us using the handles @sushi_goat and @obscurity_goat), via blog, on facebook, just whatever you feel comfortable using.

In the future there will also be more art to be sold. I'm in the process of writing an album, which I will sell at bandcamp for a very low price. Look out for that.

Until later, have a cool life

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