Thursday, August 23, 2012

An open letter to Humanoids with Hearts made of Gold

I haven't been active on here, at all, and for that I apologize. There has been a lot happening. I'm going to study Social-Anthropology at uni, I've been doing Swedish translations for left-libertarian website , I have read a lot of theory, especially Autonomist Marxism. And, as it so happened, I found the love of my life.

There is a problem with this all though. We didn't meet like regular people meet. We didn't run in to each-other at a party, we didn't meet in school, we certainly did not meet at a club, and not just randomly in the street either. We met on twitter. Twitter was basically the only way she and me could ever know about each other. Mainly because she is Australia, and I'm in Sweden. It's funny, me and my childhood mates used to joke about digging a hole through the earth to get to Australia and steal a kangaroo that we would then bring back home to Sweden and keep as a pet (I'm not sure how it would've handled the Swedish weather). It was so exotic to us, so far away... And know I've met the most important person in my life, there, far away, half-way across Mother Earth. It's not a situation we chose. It's, of course, exciting, comparing our cultures, being curious about how life is over there compared to over here, laughing about our differences. But cultural studies is a poor substitute for being able to talk to someone face-face, to be able to touch, to kiss the person you're in love with. This is why we've been planning on spending a couple of months together next year.

We're really in love. I mean, really, in love. Every minute of the day I think about kissing her. She's funny, smart, and beautiful, and she makes me want to write music to sing for the world. All I do is pine. I've never really done that since I was around 17 or something. And it's frustrating. I can't even call her whenever I want, because the cost of calling to Australia is not something I can't afford.

We're both poor. I'm starting uni in a couple of weeks, she's already studying, and plane-tickets are expensive. Without help from other people, we won't ever get to meet. That is sort of depressing. Luckily, we've gotten quite a few people to help us out! We are very grateful for this, but we still have quite a bit of funds to raise before we can afford the plane tickets and the costs of traveling in Europe. The main way people have done this is by buying her book, but people have also donated via PayPal, you can contact us to get. I am also planning on recording an EP of around 4-5 songs, available on Bandcamp with the lowest price of 3$ but with the option of donating as much as you want, but that's for the future. For now, the main way is the book. It's a great book, in the style of absurdism, funny and witty, and clever. It's only 6.54, which isn't very much. We're sort of desperate here, and while it may be a beautiful and romantic thing to look back at, it's not very fun now, not knowing whether or not we'll be able to afford to meet next year. So I'm calling to you, Humanoids with Hearts made of Gold, to please help us out. We will be eternally grateful. And if you have no money, tell a friend!

This isn't the first blog post that has been made about this subject. My girlfriend wrote A Tale Of Two Goats, and fellow Swedish twitter abuser @sargoth wrote The love, the situation and the solution. You should read those, if I haven't been able to convince you well enough.

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Thank you

// Jakob Pettersson

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