Friday, April 13, 2012

The Involuntarism of Existence.

No matter where I go in terms of trying to understand the universe, I always fall back on this: That life, (or the chemical process of our brain helping our material body interact with other material bodies) is a form of slavery.

My reasoning for this is based on 2 facts that I feel are apparent about our human consciousness.

  1. I did not ask to be Born.
  2. I cannot escape Death.
To elaborate: First point: One cannot consciously choose to be conscious, that would be impossible. Other conscious beings have made that choice for you, and even if you only experience it briefly, you did not ask for it.  There was no "Terms and Conditions" for you to accept, when you first encountered consciousness. We are Born, necessarily against our will.

Second point: Being Born means that you will Die. Death of human sense experience is a fact. The human brain, the thing which makes us experience what is called "consciousness", will end it's activity, as a fact of nature. You could make the claim that there is an "essence of life" that exists outside of the brain that lives on, but, as always when dealing with claims that are un-falsifiable, the burden of proof is on them.

The involuntary nature of Consciousness doesn't have to be a problem. It is a logical must that my consciousness is against the will of my consciousness. Human consciousness only becomes vulgar when you take point 2 into account, that I cannot escape the end of my consciousness. If I were able to choose existing consciously forever, or die when I see fit, then the involuntary nature of conscious existence wouldn't be a problem. However, I don't have that, and it turns existence into a state of in-voluntarism.

I can choose to live another day. I can abandon my life in the blink of an eye. If I choose to live, I have chosen to die in the future. If I choose to end my consciousness, then I have chosen to cut life short. Neither of these actions change the absurdity of a consciousness programmed to die. Whatever you choose, you choose death. I think it is a situation best comparable to Slavery.

Now, return to your regularly scheduled "existence" (whatever you think that means).


  1. would you say that not having control over our birth or death negates the theory of existentialism?

    1. It is difficult to say, when you're faced with people such as Jean-Paul Sartre to carry the debate against, I would not make such claims.

  2. I just want to let you know that you have a great blog.

  3. Overall here is no choice in beings producing beings, it is natures way of continuing, surviving or evolving, people are naturally drawn together consciously and subconsciously. Otherwise we would not be here and all of nature would not be as it is! From the time we are born humans are programmed to survive, unless for other reasons ie mental problems or illness, then we may die prematurely or choose to put an end to our life, but this is not the norm. Then someone else may take another beings life and that may be a choice depending on the circumstances, were they in their right mind etc. Although life may seem like slavery, I do feel this to be true and also at the same time a gift, simply because I am here! but I do not see that you choose death whatever, it chooses you, and it is just a natural part of the life cycle.

    I think your post and blog is very interesting, even if I do choose to differ, hope you don't mind.

  4. No one can recall birth, their own. Not that I've heard anyway. Isn't there a leap required to say that one is dragged into existence involuntarily? Life for newborns isn't passive, they already have the will to survive. To leap from life to death (which is as you've stated, unknown) as if they were opposing each other requires generalization.. generalization of an unknown. People sleep, most try this daily, essentially a state of unconsciousness (arguably) people are not making conscious decisions or aware of what is taking place around them. In a slightly abstract sense you are born and die daily if you base a life cycle upon each day. The notion of slavery or in-voluntarism is a component of your own sentience. People have been and are still enslaved, their wills broken & minds altered to the point that they don't even perceive death as an escape. One's existence may very well be willful or regrettable dependent upon one's aversion to the societal constructs that surround them, however just the ability to conceive a preference eliminates the factor of slavery.